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Why & About

Leading Voices – European Days for Vocal and Choral Leaders
an event by the European Choral Association

Leading Voices presents workshops for conductors and many other offers for choral professionals. It brings the latest developments in collective singing together in one European platform. Inspiring forerunners and established artists will be present. And the event provides a space to learn, co-create and experiment.

Leading Voices presents 70+ sessions. They are designed to explore collective singing from a social and artistic perspective. The event includes all genres and skill levels. And it offers a dynamic platform for conductors, vocal leaders, music teachers, managers, artistic leaders and composers from all over Europe and beyond.

Leading Voices inspires you to actively explore, experience, and discuss the expansion and future of choral music. The event helps you to become one of the leading voices of tomorrow. The programme is designed around five themes. And it offers five different formats and subformats like workshops for conductors or managers or lectures for composers and teachers. On Saturday you find a special focus on singing with children in and outside class rooms.

Side programme Utrecht Zingt festival

The side programme of the event offers workshops for singers and low-key concert opportunities for choirs. The concerts are programmed on two different time slots in the afternoon. If you like, each afternoon you can join several open singings.
All concerts and open singings are included in your participation fee. But if you want to join a workshop in the side programme, you can buy an additional ticket. Please be aware these workshops are designed for amateur singers. And the workshops are probably in Dutch. Read more.

Behind the scene

Leading Voices is an event by the European Choral Association. Because of this, the members of ECA were asked for input on the programme. And ECA also set up and international Music Commission for the event. The eight choral professionals in this commission come from all over Europe. The Music Commission designed the programme for the event. They defined the themes and formats. And the Music Commission selected all the session leaders.
ZIMIHC is the local partner of ECA for Leading Voices. This organisations ZIMIHC was also involved in the 2009 Europa Cantat festival. ZIMIHC takes care of the production of Leading Voices.