Click here to find the registration fees for passe partouts.
Please be aware that only registration by 1 May 2022 will guarantee your admission to the event. 

Please note: for the registration, keep the following information ready
1. Are you a member of a local, regional or national choral or conductors association?
> If yes, please check if this organisation is a member of the European Choral Association.
> If ‘your’ organisation is a member of ECA, you yourself are an indirect member of ECA.
2. Do you want to apply for a session that needs an audition?
> If yes, we recommend to register once you know the outcome of your audition.
3. Do you want to register in advance for one of the LAB’s that require no audition?
> If yes, you can indicate this during the registration process.

Registration is a process in two steps.
1. We guide you to the correct registration fee.
2. You can officially start registration. Once you’ve paid your registration fee, your registration is official.

Concerning auditions & registration for sessions in advance

Please be aware that auditions are required for the LAB by Josep Vila i Casañas AND for both masterclasses. If you still need to register after a successful audition, the registration fee applicable on the date of your application for the audition will apply.
All other four LAB’s require registration in advance. You can indicate your preference for a LAB when you register. Please note that registration for a LAB is limited and will be confirmed beginning of April 2022 by order of registration. You can find all LAB’s here.

For all other sessions, no registration in advance is needed. With a valid passe-partout or day ticket, you can apply for these during the event at the central desk of Leading Voices.


10 January 2022 – registration for the full event starts
1 April 2022 – registration fees change & deadline for auditions
1 May 2022 – deadline for registration to make sure you have access to the event. If you register after this date, your place cannot be guaranteed.
1 June 2022 – publication of the final programme, registration possible for a limited number of participants
1 July 2022 – registration for separate days and for individual headline concerts, only for a limited number of participants

General information on registration

Registration fees are presented in Euros, per person, for the full event (27-31 July 2022).
The registration fee includes all sessions and concerts in the main programme.
The registration fee does not include meals or accommodation. You can read more about our acommodation offers here.
Fees will vary according to the country group system of the European Choral Association, valid from January 2022.
Indirect members of the European Choral Association receive a discount on the registration fee. Click here to read more about membership and its advantages.

Questions on registration?

If you have a question about registration please check first if you can find the answer on the FAQ section of the website.
If not, you can contact us. Please be aware that emails are not answered immediately. Tuesday is our regular office day for questions on registration, so your message will be answered on Tuesday after you’ve sent your message. We apologise for this. In case of emergencies you can reach us by WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 4595 2472.