Master open singing – Jan Schumacher & Merzi Rajala

conductors and vocal leaders - music teachers

The open singing is a well-known returning element in the events of the European Choral Association, where a conductor – sometimes supported by a choir – teaches many songs to a square full of people. It provides an intensive musical experience, as well as a personal experience of musical success. The activity is becoming increasingly popular, and it asks a very specific way of working for the conductor; how do you get the audience (be they singers in a festival, or employees during a company event) to sing along in seconds? What strategies work, and why? In this masterclass, both Jan Schumacher and Merzi Rajala will work with you on the unique skill set to conduct an Open Singing, including subjects like didactics, communication, interaction, and of course the ideal Open Singing repertoire.

About the session leaders

Jan Schumacher

Jan Schumacher

Jan Schumacher is a music director at Goethe-University, Frankfurt. He teaches conducting at the Darmstadt Music Academy and is the conductor of the award-winning ensemble Camerata Musica Limburg.

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Merzi Rajala

Merzi Rajala

Merzi Rajala, a Finnish rhythmic choir conducting pioneer, composer and pedagogue, is specialised in popular music including world music genres and fusions.

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