From paper to digital: obstacles and opportunities

also online
roundtable (60 min.)
composing - conducting - managing
Friday 15.30hrs

Publishers and musicians have already made huge steps but if it comes to written music and how to deal with this, they still face a lot of challenges. What has changed so far? What are the benefits of these changes? What are the next steps both publishers, composers and conductors are facing? Have their roles changed and if yes, in which way? How can digital means help the choral sector from the perspective of the publishers, what is missing and needed?

More info on panel members will follow soon.

Panel members

Thorsten Weber - moderator

Thorsten Weber - moderator

Thorsten Weber is an editor responsible for choral music at Helbling Verlag. He trained as a choir conductor at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt and conducts several choir. As an editor he knows all about the latest trends in choral music, both at home and internationally. The delightful collaborations with upcoming composers, arrangers and choral conductors always brings new impulses for his own choral work.