Travel to Utrecht

Travel to Utrecht from abroad

International train connections
Utrecht is the central hub for trains in the Netherlands. There are direct international connections to several cities in Germany and to Vienna (Austria). Also, with one stop-over in Rotterdam, you travel nearly directly to Utrecht from Paris, London and Berlin. Check international train connections via NS International.

International flight connections
Utrecht is very easy to reach from different international airports in the Netherlands. Both Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport are easy to reach from different airports in Europe and from abroad. Travel time from each airport to Utrecht is between 30 and 60 minutes, see below.

International bus connections
Utrecht can also be reached easy through the international network of bus companies, for example FLIX-bus. Check Flixbus for your best connection.

Traveling in the Netherlands

Travel by train in the Netherlands
Direct connection from Schiphol Airport – Utrecht and vice versa. The intercity departs every 15 minutes (from 7:00 until 22:00, then every 30 minutes, even during the night there are train connections, but less frequent) and will take you to Utrecht in 30 minutes.
Tickets can be purchased at the register or you can buy an e-ticket online via before departure. Costs: €9.40 (single ticket, 2nd class). Connection from Rotterdam – Den Haag Airport – Utrecht: first take a bus from the airport to Rotterdam Central Station (line 33, this takes 30 minutes). From Rotterdam Central Station to Utrecht Central Station you can take a direct train, this takes about 45 minutes.

Connection from Eindhoven Airport – Utrecht: first take a bus from the airport to Eindhoven Central Station (line 400 or 401, this takes 20 minutes). From Eindhoven Central Station you can take a direct train to Utrecht Central Station, this takes about one hour.
There are daily international trains from and to Brussels (2 hours) and Paris (3,5 hours) that stop at Rotterdam Airport, from there you can take a direct train to Utrecht (45 minutes). There is also a daily international train from Cologne (2,5 hours) that stops in Utrecht. For more info go to NS or NS Highspeed.

It is a 35 minute drive from Schiphol Airport – Utrecht Centrum. Price for a single trip (1 car for four people) is around €65,- (UTC) during the day from Schiphol to the inner city or the hotel. When you arrive late, prices will go up.

Taxi phone numbers
DTC – Domstadse Taxi Centrale +31 30 – 266 13 13 (24-hour service, Schiphol service)
UTC – Utrecht Taxi Central +31 (0)30 230 04 00 (24-hour service, Schiphol service)
Taxi Centrale Cit0y Utrecht +31 (0)30 700 12 90 (24-hour service, Schiphol service)

If you want to travel by car, please let us know as parking space in the city centre is very expensive. We will help you to find a solution for you to keep parking costs as low as possible.

Purchase your ticket at the U-OV Service Store at Utrecht CS.
It is NOT possibly to buy a ticket with cash money from the bus driver – you can use a bank card only (no credit card).

Single ticket purchased on the bus costs about €2.20. For more and current information about the public transport in Utrecht see the website OV.  Plan your trip using this online tool.