We cannot predict what the world will look like in Summer 2022. We foresee that some regulations concerning COVID-19 will still be in place and that we all still have to deal with the virus in one way or the other but we can assure our visitors that we take our responsibilty to guarantee a safe event and stop the virus from spreading.

Cancellation policy for registration and tickets

Cancellation policies regarding your registration are including Covid-19 issues and can be find in the General Terms and Conditions section of this website.

Your trip to the Netherlands

Please make sure you check regulations in your country and in the Netherlands before you travel to Utrecht in July 2022. At the moment, we assume that a PCR test before you leave your country might be applicable and that an international valid ID pass (QR-code) will be in place. As soon as more official and detailed information is available, this page will be updated. In the meantime we recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted about registration, programme updates and more!

Venues – concerts

For most of the headline concerts we explicitly choose to use the best ventilated and biggest concert venue in Utrecht: TivoliVredenburg. This whole venue just invested a lot of money in a state of the art ventilation system. TivoliVredenburg / Great Hall is used for the Opening and Closing concerts and for the early evening concerts and can house up to 1700 people in normal circumstances. TivoliVredenburg / Hertz is used for 2 late night concerts and the presentation of the masterclass conducting and can house up to 540 people in normal circumstances. All concerts will be seated concerts.

Venues – lectures

For the lectures we choose 4 venues that can each house 180-200 people in normal circumstances. As we plan 4 parallel lectures each morning and each afternoon, there is plenty of room for everybody to maintain 1,5 meter distance if needed.

Venues – LAB’s, workshops & masterclasses

Although LAB’s, masterclasses and workshops are situated in smaller rooms, we also have the possibility to regulate the number of participants as people have to apply when register, sometimes need an audition or register at the event. Also in this way we can make sure regulations concerning Covid-19 are taken care of.

Venues – Round tables & lounges

Round tables will be recorded and therefore can be made available online after the event. In this case we can guarantee that if the number of participants needs to be limited, we still can share the discussion that took place.

Venues – EXPO

As the EXPO takes place in a building that is recently renovated the ventilation system is up to date. The hall of the library itself has a really high ceiling and we are of course in close contact with the organisation of this venue to make sure all necessary precautions will be taken.


Depending in the situation and the advice by WHO, we will put in place a protocol on testing rules for team members and if needed for participants as well to create a safe environment for everybody. If we have more news on this, participants will be informed by email.


If you already have any questions regarding Covid-19 and Leading Voices, please do not hesitate to contact us via