Apply for audition – Mathieu Romano

The masterclass conducting by Mathieu Romano is an auditioned session.

Please note that the deadline to apply for audition was 1 April 2022, it is no longer possible to send in your audition for this session.

A maximum of twelve conductors and vocal leaders will be selected as participants through an application process. Six of them will be selected as active participants. Another six will be selected as passive participants.
All participants will be invited for an online meeting in June 2022 to get to know each other and Mathieu Romano. Final decisions on repertoire will be announced in this online meeting.
All participants will be invited to the live introduction meeting in Utrecht on Wednesday 27th at Leading Voices. This meeting will be hosted by Yuval Weinberg.

As active participant you work with sixteen singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir under the guidance of Mathieu Romano.
Unfortunately, it is decided that NO dedicated passive participants will be selected for the masterclass.
For those who have a passe partout only a limited part of this masterclass will be open for observation, depending on the schedule and the venue of the masterclass. With a passe partout you will also have the opportunity to visit other sessions in the event to develop yourself as a conductor. As soon as it is clear which sessions are open for observation, this will be announced on the website.

How to apply

To apply, please send the following documents before 1 April 2022 to
– CV
– filmed conducting of rehearsal or concert (viewing the face of conductor)
– letter of recommendation (in English)
– letter of motivation (in English)

Your application for audition will be viewed by Mathieu Romano, Yuval Weinberg and Burak Onur Erdem. All applications will be considered as applications for active participation. You will receive an email with the outcome of your audition and instructions for registration latest 2 June 2022.

About registration and payment

If, after a successful audition, you still need to register for the event, the registration fee applicable on the date of your submission for audition will count. Your registration is final once you have paid your registration fee. Payment needs to be received latest 15 June 2022.

More information about registration can be found here.