Apply for audition – LAB Josep Vila i Casañas

The LAB by Josep Vila i Casañas is a session you need to apply for in advance.

A maximum of eight composers will be selected as participants through an application process.

How to apply

To apply, please send your cv and a short motivation why you want to join (300 words max) before June 30th to

Your application will be reviewed by Josep Vila i Casañas and a member of the Music Commission. You will receive an email with the outcome of your audition and instructions for registration latest 10 July 2022.

About registration and payment

If, after a successful audition, you still need to register for the event, the registration fee applicable on the date of your submission for audition will count. Your registration is final once you have paid your registration fee. Payment needs to be received latest 15 July 2022.

More information about registration can be found here.