Five Themes

Explore the future of collective singing

The main theme of the Leading Voices event concerns the future of collective singing from a social and artistic point of view.

The main theme is divided in 5 subthemes. These relate to the different roles that you have to fulfill in your daily work as a conductor, vocal leader, music teacher or other choir professional:
– Develop your artistic skills
– Discover your inner leader
– Learn new management tricks
– Unleash your potential as a teacher
– Connect your work to society

The themes do not necessarily connect only to you as a teacher or artistic leader, as the content of some sessions are relevant to both of these roles. Nevertheless, if you want to know what sessions would fit you best, you can easily use the filters on the website and select a theme or format of your interest.

Through 5 formats and various subformats, Leading Voices provides a platform for experiment and exchange. Especially the LAB, a unique format in the event gives room to co-creation and experiment. Learn more about these formats here.