About Leading Voices

European Days for Vocal and Choral Leaders, an event by the European Choral Association
27 – 31 July 2022

Leading Voices presents a five day programme for choral professionals with over 70 sessions that explore the future of collective singing from a social and artistic perspective: workshops, lectures, round tables, concerts and more.

The event includes all genres and skill levels, and offers a dynamic platform for conductors, vocal leaders, music teachers, managers, artistic leaders and composers from all over Europe and beyond.

Leading Voices inspires you to actively explore, experience, and discuss the expansion and future of choral music, and become one of the leading voices of tomorrow.

The programme is designed around five themes and offers five different formats and several subformats. On Saturday 30th of July, there will be a special focus on singing with children in and outside of schools, although you will find sessions on this topic also on other days in the event.

Side programme Utrecht Zingt festival

The side programme of the event, entitled Utrecht Zingt festival offers workshops for singers and low-key concert opportunities for choirs. Read more.